Keyhole LBD

It’s Monday!! Being a stay-at-home mom has its perks, and one of those perks is Mondays. Mondays for me are like the weekend, but there is a downside. And that is, that the weekends then become just a normal weekday.

I’m apologize for my lack of posts lately! Life has been a bit crazy, and my wonderful husband (my photographer) has been busy providing for our family. He works very hard, and I have never resented how much he works, because he does it out of love. I also know that it is out of his control. I know some women struggle with how much their spouse works, or how absent they are. But I know that he is working hard now, so that one day, he won’t have to work as much and he can just relax. I love him for that!

Now that my little ‘love rant’ is over, I will just say that this dress is SO comfortable. I haven’t ever bought anything from Missguided until now, but I have found a new favorite online store! Have a great week!   Xoxo

Dress: Missguided // Boots: Target // Choker: Missguided // Polish: Revlon


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