Cello Jeans + Sunshine

Spring weather is here at last! Sunshine and flowers, and beautiful blooms on the trees. Oliver is also loving the warm weather. He enjoys crawling around in the grass, trying to put handfuls of dirt and grass in his mouth. His little guilty face is too cute! That said, I am currently inside, re-watching Downton Abbey while I write this. Oh, and it’s raining. Hopefully I didn’t jinx it haha.

Recently, with the (mostly) gorgeous weather, I have been obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops. Unfortunately, Oliver sees a bare shoulder as a fresh chew toy. I usually end up with drool all over my top – grooooossss.

Also, how cute are these crop jeans from Cello Jeans?! Trying out new brands of jeans can be kind of daunting, but these fit so perfectly. Oliver loves the rips, especially grabbing them and trying to eat them haha. Funny story about these jeans: When I first tried them on, I thought they were too short, because I didn’t realize they were crop jeans. I felt so embarrassed when I emailed customer service, because I thought I was just too tall. These jeans are comfortably stretchy, and they fit perfectly in the waist (which is hard to find).


Thank you to Cello Jeans for sponsoring this post!



    • thebrunettefactor
      April 4, 2017 / 9:59 am

      Thanks love!

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