Owning Your Style

Let’s be real. I doubt many people want to be like everyone else. They want individuality. I am one of those people, and while I love wearing a trending clothing style, I have to make it my own. And own it! That being said, if there is a trend that I love, like off-shoulder-tops, then I will definitely wear it. I just don’t want to be a carbon copy of someone else, because then I won’t be me.

All throughout high school my style would change, depending on the celebrity or TV show I was obsessed with at the time. To put it plainly, I was dissatisfied with myself. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I started to find my own way when it came to style. I didn’t have time to worry about what other people were wearing and I focused on what style felt like me. My husband will tell you that there were times he thought I was crazy for always wearing heels to class, no matter the weather. I love heels, because in high school I was teased for my height and skinny legs, so I took that insecurity and I owned it. I learned to love my quirks and things I thought once made me different in a bad way.

As for my own personal style…I’m still working on it. Haha! There may be styles or clothes that I love, but doesn’t mean they’re my style or will even look good on me. And a lot of the time, things that I love are just not in my price range (maybe one day 🙂 ). So to bring this little rant to a close, I just have to say: be you! Show off your quirks and things that make you different. Be confident!   Xoxo

TOP: Shein // SHORTS: H&M  // SHOES: Red Dress Boutique (Sold out, similar here & here)

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