Dreamy Gardens + Things to Remember

Babies grow up way too fast, and I thought everyone was joking or being sarcastic when they told me. Oliver is now a little over 9 months old, and every day he changes. Every day he learns something new. I try to capture as many moments on camera, or video, as possible, but there are just some things that only the eyes and mind can capture. I wish I could always remember every moment, because Oliver is the funniest and cutest little guy!

A few things that I want to remember:

  1. The way that Oliver sticks his tongue out at people
  2. When Chase and I just want to lay in bed in the morning, in peace, and Oliver just wants to crawl and jump all over us from the moment he wakes up
  3. He loves ‘helping’ with the laundry, by pushing the laundry basket around with a huge grin on his face (he could push it around for hours)
  4. The way that he falls asleep with his butt up in the air. Haha!
  5. His great taste in music, whether it’s Tony Bennett, Phil Collins, Ed Sheeran, or the Moana soundtrack
  6. The moment when Chase comes home from work, and the only thing that Oliver cares about is being held by his daddy (it’s super cute!)
  7. The way that he sits on my feet and holds onto my legs while I’m trying to bake

I love all of my memories of Oliver, and the memories that our little family make! I can’t believe that he turns one this summer! I’ve already started planning his first birthday. Haha! Also, if you’re wondering about my outfit details, I wrote a whole post on it here.   Xoxo


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