Red Gingham + New Theme

How is everyone’s weekend? It has been incredibly hot the past week, and with the humidity at 100%, Its almost unbearable to go outside. Therfore, I am going to blame the heat for lack of fashion posts and writers block. Haha. Thankfully it is finally starting to cool off a little bit and we (Chase & I) were finally able to shoot this gorgeous gingham top. I haven’t shopped at Boohoo in years, but I just recently bought this top, and let me just say that I should never have stopped shopping at Boohoo!

You may notice that my photos look a little different. After a lot of trial and error, different color schemes, and many Instagram themes, I have finally settled on something…hopefully. Haha! I think that the theme/style I have chosen fits me and is a brownish theme which fits The ‘Brunette’ Factor perfectly. Comment below and let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have regarding my theme or even blog post topics.  Xoxo

TOP (On sale!!) // SHORTS


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