A Sunbeam Dress + 10 Things


I used to think that yellow wasn’t a good color for anyone to wear… I was SO wrong! Haha! I got this dress awhile back, hoping to wear it for Oliver’s newborn photoshoot, not knowing that I wouldn’t be back to my normal body a few weeks after giving birth. This was my first time wearing it, and I love the color and felt gorgeous, so we decided to take a few photos after church. I felt like a sunbeam 🙂

Something I’d like to do more, is make a list of ten things I have been loving, random things I’d like to remember about life or Oliver, or just thoughts. I love reading random stuff about people, and I’m sure others love doing the same. Plus, who ever said that blog posts had to be organized and all about one topic?! Haha! Let me know what you think.:) This may end up becoming a monthly thing. My ten things:

  1. Brandi Carlile is such an underrated singer! She is my favorite singer ever, and I’m pretty sure I know every song from every album she’s ever written. If your into folk rock/Americana then definitely check her out.
  2. Chase and I are currently watching Queen of the South (the seasons on Netflix), and it’s so good! It is so well done and the acting is amazing.
  3. Oliver is walking everywhere, but his favorite thing to do is climb the stairs. He knows he’s not supposed to, so when we catch him, he acts all cute and innocent and tries to be all cuddly, like he’s trying to make me forget he was just being naughty. It is so hard to be upset at him!!
  4. I have been in party planning mode for a few weeks now, and Oliver’s first birthday is still two weeks away! I just want it to be perfect.
  5. Realized recently that I have about 3-4 friends…haha do any other moms feel this way? My husband is my best friend, but sometimes a girl just needs girl time. Can’t there be an app, like tinder, but for moms to meet other moms?? Haha
  6. Dying to see the movie Dunkirk!!! (huge history buff)
  7. Sorted my nail polish the other day and ended up throwing out 95% of them. I just don’t wear that many colors, and the colors that I do wear are autumnal.
  8. I am currently working on refinishing an old cellar door that we are making into a dining room table. But let me tell ya what, high temperatures, high humidity, and lots of sanding don’t go well together. I’m just tired of having a small table that really doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture. Better get on that!
  9. Oliver is learning to say “uh oh”, and he throws or drops things just so he can work on saying it. It’s the cutest thing ever!
  10. I am so impatient for fall! As I’m writing this, I’m cuddled in my husbands big chair, wearing jeans, socks, and a sweatshirt! It is the first cool day in months! Get here sooner fall!!!!

DRESS: Forever 21 (old, similar here & here)



  1. July 26, 2017 / 3:32 pm

    I want to see Dunkirk too! I love historical movies especially when they are factual.

    • thebrunettefactor
      July 26, 2017 / 8:20 pm

      Omg! Exactly! So glad there is someone else who thinks like me 😊

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