First Fiesta

Yesterday was Oliver’s first birthday!! It was amazing, emotional, fun, and very colorful! Oliver’s party was fiesta themed and I made/DIYed all the decorations. It was definitely a lot of work, but I am so proud of how all the decorations turned out. Thanks to Pinterest for all of the inspiration, and for teaching me how to make a balloon arch. For dinner, Chase made a taco bar, while I made cupcakes and cactus shaped sugar cookies (here’s the best recipe I’ve ever used).

As for emotions, I was quite teary in the days leading up to his birthday. I was going through all of his baby photos from birth to now, and I just couldn’t believe how fast he’s grown and how much he has changed! He’s gone from my sweet, active, 8lbs. 5oz. newborn; to a walking, sometimes running, mulch eating, 22+ pound toddler.  So many emotions!! He is so smart and although he wasn’t a cuddly baby, he has definitely started to enjoy cuddling (especially in the middle of my work out…haha)! Oliver is our world, and we had so much fun celebrating his first birthday!!



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