Mom Power

TOP (No longer available in pink) // SKIRT

I believe in girl power, I only wish this shirt said “mom power”! Haha! This week has been a little rough as my sweet little baby has been replaced by an overly emotional, whiny, teething toddler. And yes, Oliver is FINALLY teething! This week my patience has been tested. Let me tell you what, I thought I was always an impatient person, but Oliver has definitely showed me that I am much more patient than I thought. Meltdown after meltdown, and yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Recently I have been watching a three-year-old girl ( 3 going on 13! Haha) almost every day, and so it’s like having two kids. I now have an even greater respect for those moms who manage to run errands with two, not to mention 3+, children. We have watched more TV than I would care to, just so that I can get chores done, and keeping them busy is harder than it looks! Phew, being a mom is awesome, but oh so tiring.

Back to the whole girl power thing, I’m not going to even attempt to touch the topic feminism, so instead this is more of a mom power appreciation post, or like mom empowerment. We as moms make and nurture the lives of children. Talk about incredible! The ‘mom community’ can be a judgmental and harsh place, but there is also the encouraging and uplifting side. It’s nice to have other moms to encourage you, and that you can encourage in return. With all the negativity that we as moms get thrown our way, the least we can do it keep the mom power strong between us!

So there’s my little mom to mom encouragement post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now take a look at these amazing photo’s that my hubby took!

P.s. If you know a place to get a ‘mom power’ shirt or something similar, comment the link below! 🙂



    • thebrunettefactor
      August 13, 2017 / 8:28 pm

      Thanks! The skirt is only $12!

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