Sunflowers, Sunshine, & a Target Addiction

DRESS (sold out, similar herehere) // HAT (Similar here) // SHOES

First off, how awesome is this sunflower field?!? I’ve been trying to explore the area near us and this is what I found! It’s been raining on and off for weeks (mostly raining), and we finally got a beautiful sunny day to capture this dress and beautiful nature. I’m glad we found this field before the season was over and they all died

This dress was an $8 Target find! I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about how much I love Target in past posts. My husband gives me that look, many of you might know that look from your significant other. It’s the look that says “you went into Target for diapers, and came out with the whole home décor department?! Again?!” Haha. But seriously! Their clearance clothing section is amazing! How have I not been shopping here for years?! It’s great quality for a great price (not sponsored, just in love). This dress was one of those things that you find, when  you’re browsing, not really shopping. That tends to happen quite often with me in Target. Whoops!

I hope you have a great week!  Xoxo


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