Patches + Plaid


Can you believe how fast summer went?! Looking back on the summer, I feel so blessed at how many trips and fun things that we got to do! Now that Chase finally works a 9-5 job, I’ve started putting together a sort of fall bucket list. The leaves are starting to change, the weather is cooler, and I can’t wait to go on hikes and see all the fall colors, pick and carve pumpkins, and just watch as Oliver enjoys everything that fall brings (he was only a few months old last fall).

I have been cozying up with my little babe in this plaid cardigan the past week. It is soft and perfect for layering, plus, everyone needs more plaid in their fall wardrobe! My wardrobe is practically plaidless, so I’m so happy to now have this adorable cardigan. The elbow patches are probably my favorite part!! It’s all about details. I will definitely be wearing this outfit a lot this fall! PinkBlush certainly knows how to help you into fall with a fashionable foot forward!


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