Farmers Market + Flowers


Not gonna lie, this weekend was perfect! On Saturday morning we went to a nearby farmers market and walked around. My favorite part is the flowers and soft pretzels, and Chase likes looking at all the different kinds of meat and cheeses (it’s a chef thing). We let Oliver run around and he just charmed everyone with his flirting. I loved watching him run up to the glass cases full of cookies or donuts and point and stare longingly at all the goodies! He definitely got my sweet tooth!! Moments like that, the ones that warm your heart and make you smile inside and out, make you forgive and forget those meltdowns and long days.

Motherhood is learning to appreciate whatever your kid decides to throw your way. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have definitely learned that in the past weeks as Oliver has been teething, growing, and learning that tantrums get him nowhere. Haha! But it’s the moments, like Sunday morning when Chase was sleeping off some little bug, and Oliver and I were watching Call the Midwife. He would just sit there, cuddling with me, and go “ohh” and clap whenever a baby was born. It was the cutest! Did I mention that Oliver slept in Sunday morning?! It was weird, and nice. Lol! Overall it was a great weekend, ended by an afternoon swimming at the lake (because it’s 89 degrees!!)!



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