Everyday Fall Dress + Our Copy Cat

DRESS (similar here) // SHIRT

Let’s talk fall! The weather is FINALLY getting cooler, and so, after packing them away and getting them back out, summer clothes are packed away for good this time. I’ve been living in dresses like this lately. They’re comfy and perfectly stylish for everyday wear, and the best length. I’m not outrageously tall (5′ 8 1/2″), but most dresses that are this style end up looking more like long shirts on me. Dresses that cover my butt when I bend over to pick up Oliver is a huge deciding buying factor for me.

Funny story, when I wore this dress for the first time, I discovered that it went perfectly with my favorite fall colored lipstick! Of course, being the smart-aleck that he is, Chase asked if I was going to color in all the white lines with it… Haha he’s so cheesy and makes me laugh! When we laugh at something, Oliver likes to join in with this super cheesy laugh that makes us laugh even more. The other day I turned on the TV and then walked out of the room. I walked back in, only to find that one of those ‘who’s the father’ shows was on, and Oliver was cheering and clapping along with the TV as being fought. Monkey see, monkey do. We have realized that he is really starting to mimic everything interesting he sees or hears. He really enjoys trying to jump with me when I workout in the mornings and are doing jump squats. I love watching him learn new things every day, but I also have to learn not to say or do certain things around him.

I’ve linked up some of my favorite everyday fall dresses below. Have a great Monday!!



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