Joy in the Little Things

The past couple of days have been rainy and dark, and we’ve been feeling a little cooped up. The other day the sun broke through the dark clouds for a little bit, and we jumped at the chance to get outside. This little boy loves the outdoors, and while he didn’t exactly jump in the leaves, he had fun watching me throw them up and then trying to do it himself. It ended pretty quick when I wouldn’t let him shove leaves down my shirt… Oliver is such a little troublemaker and a goofball.

The thing with Oliver is, he doesn’t usually need toys to make him happy. He finds joy in the little things. He could play with kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, and mulch for hours. Pretty much all his toys were a gift, and he rarely plays with them, besides a select few. I love his excitement at everyday things! He makes me find joy in the little things, and he’s my little that brings me joy. So many kids need TV, or electronics to make them happy. They need the newest, flashiest toy. Chase and I both agreed that we want to raise our kids with a love and appreciation for the outdoors. We want Oliver to use his imagination and creativity, to grow up continuously finding joy in everyday things.

Okay, there’s my cute little kiddo appreciation post for the week.



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