December Favorites

Happy New Year! A new year, means new goals you set for yourself. One of my goals for 2018, is to do a monthly favorites post each month. It may seem like a stupid goal, but I am making sure I make time to blog, and of course blog about what I love. So that being said, here are my December favorites, which are mainly beauty products, but thats only because I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos. Haha!

The first thing in my December favorites is this foundation by L’Oreal Paris. Previously, I used the True Match foundation, which I used for several years. In my recent obsession with Youtube makeup tutorials, I have found that you can’t just match a foundation to your skin tone and call it good. If you think this, like I did for many years, then you end up with cakey makeup or super oily makeup. While I’m not saying that you should up and change your makeup routine, I’m just saying that I prefer this new foundation. It is simply what I have found that works for me. With this new foundation, my makeup now goes on smoothly onto my rather dry skin and the finished result is flawless.

My next favorite is all because of darn winter dryness. I always have lip balm with me wherever I go! It is a MUST, especially when the weather is so cold and dry. While it may be all in my head, or it may be real life (most likely all in my head), either way I love and need lip balm! Eos is always my go-to lip balm, especially the mint one. It makes your lips tingle!! Also, a few months ago I was sent the lip tint lip conditioner by Babo Botanicals. While I didn’t technically get it this month, I’ve used it so much recently so I had to include it in my December favorites.

This is my only non-beauty favorite, at it is a must for me! I love writing out things in a planner much more than in my phone calendar. When I write things out it is more likely to get done, and I feel like it makes my life so much more organized. My Husband is knows me so well and put a new planner in my stocking this Christmas.

This past month I bought my first dry shampoo, and let me just say, it is a game changer! I honestly don’t know anything about specific dry shampoo brands. Haha! But I spent 20 minutes reading descriptions and this one sounded like it would get the effect that I wanted.

My last favorite from December are statement earrings. I have said in recent blog posts that I have been trying to accessories more (tastefully of course), and I love the trend of statement earrings! They are the perfect piece to dress up a simple outfit.

Let me know if you  liked my December favorites! Also, if there are any kinds of post, whether style tips, talking about body image, etc., let me know in the comments below!



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