6 Things I Learned My First Year of Blogging

I hit a mini milestone last month, when I officially reached a whole year of blogging on thebrunettefactor.com. For me, this is a big deal, because in the past, I had started, grown tired of, and stopped blogging so many times. I have had many points where I have felt as if my blog wasn’t growing and I wasn’t getting the views I had wanted. Thats when I learned that patience is key, and blogging shouldn’t be about how many views I can get per blog post, but about being genuine and sharing my honest opinion. While some of these things I learned pretty recently, I made sure to implement them immediately. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned in the past year, that I believe, are crucial to starting/running a successful blog. I know that I am by no means an expert, and that a solid year of blogging doesn’t make me a blogging guru, but they are definitely things that make a readable, enjoyable blog. Whether I learned them from other bloggers, or I simply had to learn from mistake, here are the blogging tips I learned in 2017:

  1. BE GENUINE: Be yourself! Don’t copy off of other bloggers, or review or write about something just because it’s cool and someone else did it. Find something that you love and blog about it. The more genuine you are, the more people will want to read your blog, because trust me, people know when you are being fake. And never, and I mean NEVER, copy another bloggers work!!! While you can take inspiration from other bloggers, whether it’s style or even blog topics, do not take their hard work and pass it off as your own.
  2. DON’T PROMOTE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T ‘YOU’: This kind of goes along with being genuine. As your blog gets more views and more attention, you may have companies reach out to you. I know that it can be super exciting to get that first email asking you to work with a company or brand, but don’t dive in too quick! If it is a company or product that you don’t particularly like or use, then say no! It’s okay to say no, rather than promote something that you don’t like! As your blog grows there will be more opportunities to work with companies that you love, so be patient and don’t settle for making content for a product that you are, in the end, lying about.
  3. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: If there is a company you like and would love to work with, then email them. Put yourself out there! The worst they can say is no. But you need know what they might say. A lot of companies just want more content for their social media or website, so they are sometimes willing to trade products for content. Write up a good email, telling who you are, about you blog, why you’d be a great fit for their company, give a little resume (if you have it, if not don’t sweat it! We all start somewhere), and a possible collaboration idea if you have it. Make sure to link up your social media sited so they can see what you’re all about. Lastly, don’t get discouraged!
  4. UP YOUR PICTURE GAME: Great quality picture are what catches the eye. When Chase and I first got married, we used some of our wedding money and invested in a nice Canon camera. The better your pictures are, the more likely people will be drawn to your blog and companies will want to work with you. You may need to invest in a few things for this to happen but it is worth it! Just recently, I invested in Lightroom and I immediately noticed a difference! A little bit of work and effort goes a long way.
  5. UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: I cannot say how important it is to use your social media accounts strategically! It is free promotion for your blog. Every time I publish a new blog post, I make sure to post to my blogs Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram (Make sure you have your blog link in your bio!). A good way to get your blog out there, and to also get feedback from other bloggers, is by joining blogging groups on Facebook. There you can usually promote you blog, social media accounts, and get some more readers in the process.
  6. DON’T GIVE UP: There have been many times when I asked myself if all the time and money I was putting into my blog was worth it. I wasn’t getting the views I wanted on my blog posts, nor was I getting the interaction with the readers. Even now my blog stats are exactly great, but blogging takes time. Some of the best bloggers didn’t ‘make it big’ until they’d been blogging for several years.


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