A Day at the Market

Over the weekend we had a family day in Lancaster with my side of the family. We decided to brave the cold, gusty weather and hit the Central Market in downtown Lancaster, and walk around (getting some coffee at the end to warm up, of course). Oliver definitely needed a day out and about, after catching bronchitis and being stuck at home! All the sickness going around just makes me crave warmer weather!! I got a bit of my spring fill with all the gorgeous market flowers and plants, that is, until three inches of snow then freezing rain were dumped on our doorstep the next day. Haha! Well I hope you have a great rest of your day!


P.s. If you’re wondering whether or not I watched the Super Bowl this weekend, that answer is yes, but only half the game. I’m more of an Olympics type of person, so you better believe that I’ll be watching as much as I can!!


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