Diners + Stripes

yellow graphic tee // flowy striped pants // buckle boots

Ummm it’s almost March…well as of Thursday! January went by at a snail pace, and February is almost over and it was gone in a flash! Before we know it, it’s going to be Easter. But for now, I’ll enjoy the winter colors for a little longer. I scooped this cute outfit up while shopping the other week, and if I could, I’d wear it 24/7! I’m not short (5’8″), but these pants are still helping to make my legs look endless! For some reason, I just thought this outfit would look perfect with a retro diner as the backdrop, and I was not wrong. I am learning to have more of an eye for photoshoot locations, and making sure my outfit goes with my surroundings (if that makes sense. Haha!). I hope you all had a great weekend, and that I could make your Monday a little better with my diner vibes! 🙂




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