A Perfect Dress

 flowy floral dress // vintage leather belt // buckle booties

As my husband can attest, I have a very serious Target addiction. Haha! I’ve gotten a lot better, and I’m usually really good at only getting what I went in for (expect for that $5 & Under section in the front…such great product placement!). The clearance clothing racks always seems to distract me. While I may put one or two items in my cart, I almost always put them back because I have an extremely guilty conscience, and I’ll be upset with myself if I go over budget. This dress was a different story! I loved the style and look immediately, but at $30, it wasn’t in the budget. Another week I went back and saw it on clearance for $20, and I was SO close to buying it!! Like I had it at the register and then decided to not get it. It was one of those times where I went home and regretted not getting it, because I suddenly had all these ideas for outfits, places to wear it, and photos. Just last week I popped into Target for a diaper run, and low and behold there it was, only one in my size and the price had dropped to $10. It was a sign! Haha! I took inspiration from Amber Clark (Barefoot Blonde), and now I can’t wear this dress any other way. I hope you all have a great weekend!



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