Easter Basket Ideas – For Toddlers

Easter comes pretty early this year, but it is also the first year that Oliver is old enough to get an Easter basket, and I’m SO excited! Obviously we don’t want the whole Easter Bunny tradition to overshadow the real Easter message, but at this point in time, he’s still too young to understand either. In regards to what we are doing thats special for Easter, is a little egg hunt (which I’m sure he’ll love), and an Easter basket. While it’s fun to spoil Oliver, we don’t want to load him up on sugar and toys he’s may play with only once. Here are some ideas for things to put in your little boys easter basket:

Big toy: We got Oliver one ‘big’ toy, or a toy that cost more than $5. We got him this, because it is something I know he’ll like, it is also helps him learnĀ (I’m currently loving all montessori activities and toys for toddlers). So win, win! This toy may be something your child has been asking for, or something you’ve been wanting to get them but needed a reason to buy it.

Stickers: Cheap and easy entertainment

Coloring book/ crayons: At this age, most kids are starting to find enjoyment in activities like coloring or playing with play doh. Oliver loves puppies, and Paw Patrol coloring books are pretty easy to come by.

Cars: Always a good gift idea! That is, unless they already have too many. Haha!

Candy: While we are going to try to keep the candy to a minimum, there may be a small chocolate bunny and jelly beans in his basket.

Special date/activity coupon: A little ticket for a trip to their favorite play place, or the zoo, or something like that. Older toddlers would enjoy this, but a 2-year-old may not understand the concept.

Arts & Crafts: colorful pompoms, paint, even mini marshmallows with toothpicks (or raw spaghetti).

Bubbles/Chalk: As the weather is getting warmer, giving them an activity they can do outside may get them excited for spring.

Clothing: While most kids aren’t thrilled about getting clothes as a gift, they might enjoy getting socks or a shirt with their favorite character on it. Oliver would probably enjoy anything with a baby on it. Haha! He just learned how to say “baby” and now the movie Boss Baby has been on repeat.

I hope these ideas are helpful! I definitely wanted to give Oliver things that were fun, but also gave him a chance to learn. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!



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