Why Thrift?

I thrift probably 80% of my everyday clothes, and while most people think it is easier to simply buy new, they may be missing out on incredible deals and finds. You may ask, “why thrift?” “is it a waste of time?” “will I actually save money?”, and I’m here to answer those questions and more.

Why thrift? Because it saves SO much money, and you can find some pretty amazing things! Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t buy clothes that are stylish. From vintage silk Gucci scarves (worth $400+), to brand new pants from Anthropologie (retails at $128), taking the time to look through those racks and go often does pay off! Even the dress I’m wearing here is a thrifting find. It is a vintage dress that seems to have never been worn, and I found similar ones of the same brand of Etsy being sold at $75+. Thrifting takes patience, for sure!

Some people have no idea how much their clothing is worth! As I said, I’ve found some things that are worth a pretty penny, and I rarely spend more that $3-$4 on something. There are a lot of name brand things that people get rid of because they were worn maybe a handful times at the most, then got rid of them. Also, don’t let the fact that someone wore it before turn you off to thrifting. Things can be washed! I also look over every piece of clothing before I buy it to note any stains or rips, and I don’t buy things that have visual wear and tear.

I don’t just thrift for myself. A lot of Olivers clothes have been found while thrifting, and most of them are from Baby Gap, Old Navy, or expensive baby boutiques. Shoes are a great thing to thrift for kids, because they grow out of them so incredibly fast, that theres no point on spending $15 on one pair of shoes that they will grow out of in a month.

Obviously there are some things that you just should thrift, such as bras or underwear, or swimsuits (unless it is brand new). And while I thrift most of my clothes, there are still some things I buy new, usually things that I know I will probably never find while thrift shopping (usually jumpsuits). Plus, sometimes you just see something cute and need it right then! Haha (thanks Target for impulse buying)!

Let me know if there are any thrifting questions you have in the comments below!



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