Mama Style: Embracing the “Mama Bear” Status

Mama Bear tank // distressed jeans // buckle shoes

As I start a new series on the blog, I thought I’d start it off with this cute “Mama Bear” tank top from PinkBlush. I have been learning to fully embrace my ‘mom’ status lately, and that means finding more comfortable, functional, but still stylish, clothing. I have really been into simple graphic tops lately, and have always wanted a “mama bear” top. I was so excited when PinkBlush rolled out this cute tank! Obviously I have to solidify my mom status by getting it…Haha! 😉

The thing I love about tank tops, is they can easily be worn in the warmer seasons, or layered for the rest of the year. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy, and can easily accommodate a cute baby bump (and no, baby #2 is not on the way yet). This tank is perfect for everyday wear, and if your kiddo is like mine, perfect for working up a sweat while chasing after your munchkin.

I love taking pictures with Oliver, he’s so cute and I can’t help but want to show him off! I can’t same he feels the same way though. He is more interested in mulch, or rocks, and would prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front.  Taking a clear photo of Oliver is like asking a tornado to stand still for a photo. Haha! Got to love the crazy!

I hope you all have a great day! Make sure to check out the PinkBlush site as they are always rolling out new, stylish clothing, both maternity and non-maternity. More posts from PinkBlush HERE, & HERE.

Oliver is wearing jeans from Gap, top from Cat & Jack, and his shoes are from Old Navy.



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