How I Choose Who to Collaborate With

When I first started blogging, I took any chance I could to collaborate with a company or brand, even if it wasn’t my style or the image I was trying to build. What I ended up with is a bunch of clothing and products that I never wore, and blog posts that were so fake that I didn’t even believe what I was writing. After a lot of bad views on my posts, and my own boredom with my blog, I realized I needed to be strict with who I collaborated with. I also needed to make sure I only wrote about things that I was passionate and cared about.

How I choose who to collaborate with:

The first thing I do is see what kind of products they have, if I don’t already know about company. If it is a clothing company, I tend to work with them if there are at least a handful of things that I (or Oliver) would definitely wear, and/or if they support a good cause or are ethically sourced. For other products, I make sure they are something I would use and be able to genuinely share about to my readers and followers.

Secondly, I make sure I have the time. Although that makes it seem like brands are begging me to collaborate with them, I mean having time in general. If life is super busy, I try not to jam all my collaborations into those few weeks. Not only will it bring added stress, but my content will suffer because I’m not taking the time to put a lot of effort into it.

Lastly, if there is a company I have been loving, but they haven’t contacted me, I will take the step to email them. In the beginning, I was scared to email companies, as I felt like I was being pushy. Eventually, Chase convinced me that most companies enjoy the fact that someone loves their products and would like to work with them, and the worst they can say is no. But you never know if you don’t take the first step.

As an example of a non-clothing company that I work with, I am going to share with you one of my collaborations, with MYSKINNS. MYSKINNS is a company that makes peel-&-stick phone skins with a plastic protective case. Each collection comes with three skins, and they have lots of different styles. I am currently sporting the Flower Collection, and that includes three beautiful colorful skins (all for the price of one phone case!!). I am a very indecisive person, so I love that I can change my case to fit my mood or outfit. You may think that a decorative phone skin isn’t going to protect your phone, but you can also get a clear case that fits nicely over your phone and the skin. It keeps the camera and screen safe by keeping them lifted off of flat surfaces, which is great if you’re accident prone like me. I dropped my phone the other day, with the clear case on, and it just absorbed all the shock of the fall and even bounced up a little. Now THAT is a phone case that will protect my phone from little toddler hands…and my own clumsiness!,

Every product that I am sent, I review and give my honest opinion. I do not share something if I don’t love it. I hope that this is helpful to you if your are thinking about the kind of companies you want to collaborate with. Also make sure to check out MYSKINNS phone skins! Along with the Flower Collection, I especially love the Marble Collection.


**This post is in collaboration with MYSKINNS. All opinions are my own and an honest review**


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