What it Means to be a Mom

What does it mean to be a mom?

It means getting to the grocery store, only to realize your child needs a diaper change and maybe some shoes

It means waking up in the middle of the night thinking you’ve heard your child crying, only to then lie awake making sure it wasn’t them

It means sacrificing your body, to grow and nourish your baby and then become a jungle gym later on

It means getting judgmental stares and comments from total strangers (and people you know)

It means not being able to fall asleep at night until you’ve made sure your child is okay, no matter their age

It means constantly having stains or dirt on your clothes

It means watching the same show or movie over and over again (Boss Baby…30+ times I think)

It means loving when your kid goes down or a nap, and then missing them when they’re sleeping

It means constantly worrying about whether or not you are raising your child right

It means kissing their ‘boo-boos’ and wiping away their tears

It means learning to loosen up and have more fun

It means sneaking away so that you can go to the bathroom without being watched by little eyes (Haha!)

It means finding joy in even the slightest milestone or achievement

It means sacrificing your own needs or wants, learning to be unselfish

It means knowing a kind of love like no other

**I thought I would share this blog post, although it may be a little different from my usual motherhood posts. Recently I have been reflecting on how much being a mom means to mean, and the highs and lows of motherhood. I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what would be on your list of what is means to be a mother!**


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