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Who says that you can’t match with your son?!

I am loving our custom Mommy & Me shirts from Cheerily Co, and they are so incredibly soft. Cheerily Co has so many cute slogans! There is a cute “hug life” tee that I have my eye on for Oliver, because he gives THE BEST hugs!! I have really been loving comfy, cute tees that can be paired with anything. I have been pairing my shirt with either striped pants or a colorful skirt. Do I have the ultimate instagram mom status now that I have matching shirts with my kid?? Haha!

I love that Olivers shirt says “lion cub”, because he is like my crazy, wild lion cub, and I am his overprotective (probably crazy as well) lioness mama! Cheerily Co has custom kids shirts and onesies that are perfect for announcing an addition to the family or even announcing your baby’s name when born. I struggled to find Oliver basic tees with fun sayings, ones that aren’t horribly overused, but Cheerily Co even has an “inspirations” page on their website to give you some fun ideas. Oh, and did I mention that they are 100% organic?! Make sure to check them out! Happy Monday!



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