10 Affordable Outings with Toddlers

New week, new blog post. Recently, the weather has been a bit unpredictable and sometimes I am left with a cooped up toddler. I thought I’d put together the top ten outing ideas that we love, plus some indoor ones to fall back on if weather messes up your plans, or you just want to stay in the AC come summer time. Almost all of the outing ideas are either free or pretty cheap, because budget friendly activities are a must for us! 🙂

  1. Pick-your-own Farm: Usually pretty affordable, and enjoyable for both kids and adults. Plus, your get a nice reward or fruit!
  2. Go to the Library: Most libraries have a mom-and-me time, and some may even have play areas for toddlers. This is great for a hot day when it’s too warm to be outside!
  3. Visit a Farmers Market: Oliver loves farmers markets, and we rarely buy anything (sometimes a treat if he behaves)! There are so many things to see and yummy goodies to wish for.
  4. Petting Zoo: Most petting zoos are pretty cheap, sometimes free. And who doesn’t love cute animals?!
  5. Visit a Playground: Pick one you’ve never been to, to make it all the more exciting.
  6. Catch Lightning Bugs: This is a summer MUST!
  7. Visit a Kids Museum: Hours of fun, and lots of learning.
  8. Local Donut Shop: As a special treat, or reward for completing chores (or even potty training)! Oliver is definitely motivated by food, especially of the sweet, carb overload variety. Haha!
  9. Nature Walk: Whether it’s a walk in your local park, or a state park, have them pick out the coolest leaf, flower, rock, etc. You can even make it into a scavenger hunt, or Eye-Spy, for things in nature.
  10. Beach Day: Perfect for those scorching hot days, and enjoyable for everyone.

**Bonus Idea: Backyard campout! Perfect for a staycation, and even better if there are smores!**

If you have any favorite outings that you love to do with your kids, let me know in the comments below!



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