Our Healthy Morning Routine

I hope you’re all having a great week! Mornings can be hard, and Oliver tends to wake up a little cranky (how?! after 12 hours of sleep??). Haha! I thought I’d share our healthy morning routine that we have discovered works after lots of trial and error. Granted, Oliver does his own thing for the most part, which I am incredibly grateful for because the mornings are when I am the most productive.

Wake Up- If I don’t have an alarm set, I usually wake up whenever Oliver chooses to grace us with his energetic presence. Haha! Having a regular sleep schedule is key to a restful nights sleep and energy during the day. My day usually starts between 6:30-7:00a.m. I have found that getting out of bed right after I wake up helps me have a much more productive day, and I usually have time to get dressed and tidy up a little before Oliver wakes up.

Water- I always keep a cup of water beside my bed for when I wake up. Starting your day off with a glass of water can kick start your metabolism and rehydrates you after hours asleep. Oliver gets his water as well (if someone has water he will chug it) and then his cup of milk with breakfast.

Breakfast- I tend to eat breakfast pretty early, as I want my food to settle before I workout. I usually stick to a healthy cereal, due to time and the fact that I tend to spend more time getting Oliver his food. I try to change it up often, and when time allows, I usually make an omelet packed with veggies. I tend to go all out with Olivers breakfast, omelet or pancakes, so I’m working on making sure I take care of myself and make a breakfast just as nutritious.

Exercise- I LOVE working out in the morning, and I notice a big difference in my energy level if I can’t workout in the morning. I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines BBG since 6 weeks post-partum, and I’m honestly in the best shape of my life (read my post about postpartum weightloss tips HERE). If Oliver watched tv at all during the day, it is when I am working out, but usually he’s content to read or play with his trains.

Face Care- I always wash my face after I workout, even if I only have the time to rinse it. I don’t like putting makeup on dirty skin, plus foundation goes on so much smoother with a freshly cleaned and moisturized face!

My mornings are usually pretty similar, and I stick to my morning routine as I have found that it works great for me. Despite a regular routine, I still try to change it up to keep it from becoming mundane. Obviously everyone has a different way of doing things, I have just arranged my morning routine to maintain a healthy, energetic body. Also, being a stay-at-home mom means that my schedule can be very steady one week, and completely thrown off another.

What is your morning routine? Do you find yourself more productive in the morning or evening? I’d love to hear what works for you and what doesn’t!



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