Mom Style: Short Confidence

crossbody tie top // cut off shorts // heeled booties // black fedora

Let’s be real, after having kids, getting into those short shorts that you wore before baby can be a little daunting. New lumps, curves, and stretch marks may hurt your self esteem and make you a little shy. While I still prefer dresses during the warmer months, I’ve finally worked up the courage to wear my shorts.

Courage to show off my legs in shorts came with time, where it meant losing the baby weight and learning to accept and appreciate my stretch marks. I think that accepting my leg stretch marks took the longest, because with the baby weight, you can usually lose it. Meanwhile, your stretch marks are there to stay, but learning to love them will give you a sense of confidence. I’ve heard the saying “love your tiger stripes” and I didn’t really understand how important that was until I had the ‘stripes’ myself. And now, I’m like: yes, I have stretch marks and although they don’t fit today’s standard of perfection, they are proof that my body worked it’s butt off to grow a beautiful baby boy! And now, I wouldn’t trade my stretch marks for anything!

Now that I’ve gotten the whole confidence part of wearing shorts out of the way, I’ll share about this outfit. The shorts are thrifted jeans that I cut off, but I linked up ones that look almost identical and are also a great pair. I love anything high waisted, but I love that these aren’t incredibly tight on my belly, not because I’m afraid of showing off every lump and muscle of my belly, but because I enjoy breathing and the ability to bend over. Haha! Good quality shorts are definitely something that I am always on the hunt for, so I would love to know where your favorite places to get shorts are! Comment below!



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