Dressing the Bump in the 1st Trimester

I’m going to be honest with you, the first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester can be difficult in the sense that your clothes are getting smaller, and your maternity clothes are too big. It’s the awkward period, where you have a flat stomach in the morning, but look pregnant in the evening. If you’re like me, where you’re three months in and still barely showing, it can tend to look like you’ve just gained a bit of weight in the belly. Wearing tight clothes can make you a bit self-conscious (I know it makes me feel like that), because you’re not quite to the point of the cute little bump. During my first pregnancy I definitely didn’t take note as to what would compliment my changing figure, since I pretty much just wore a loose chef coat every day, and when I was at home I just wore sweat pants and a loose tee.

It may be because I am much more aware of my changing figure since getting into shape, or because women tend to show sooner with their second pregnancy, but I found it much harder to dress my little belly during the first trimester. I thought I’d share with you the little ways that I hid my belly before we told anyone, and the horrible bloating which can make it look like I’m showing a lot more than I actually am.

  • Size Up: This was more of an accidental discovery when I bought a pair of shorts one size too big. It ended up working in my favor since the main change to my figure was my hips getting a bit wider. While most of my shorts still fit, they are a little tight, which if you have bloating or morning sickness, can be very uncomfortable. Sizing up in general can save you a boat load of money on maternity clothes in terms of shirts and dresses, plus they work perfectly for postpartum body!
  • Shift/Swing Dresses: They aren’t too baggy, and they’re still flattering without hugging every curve. I try to save empire waisted anything until I have a considerable belly, because it can make you look bigger than you are, plus it implies you’re pregnant (in my opinion).
  • Loose-fitting Tops: Loose, but stylish! I’d usually pair some skinny jeans or tighter shorts with a looser top, that way it wasn’t too baggy.  Whether it was a drop-hem top, or a loose top slightly tucked into the side or front of your bottoms, it is a subtle way to keep your belly ‘under wraps’ while also staying stylish.

Here I’m wearing a gorgeous linen top (my first linen item!) from Pinkblush, and I love it! It is perfectly loose without looking too big, and it is long enough that I can wear it many more months of my pregnancy, plus it works even if you’re not pregnant. It’s not labeled as a maternity shirt, but Pinkblush is great about making their clothing versatile to work with many seasons of life. Plus, if you love linen clothing, this top is so comfortable and very affordable when it comes to linen tops!

If you have any questions about dressing your bump during the first trimester (or just pregnancy in general), feel free to comment below! I hope you enjoyed reading and find this post helpful! 🙂



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