Coming to Terms with Pregnancy Weight Gain

Weight gain with any pregnancy is inevitable. The average healthy weight gain is about 25 pounds, but can vary depending on your starting weight. During my pregnancy with Oliver I gained a little over 40 pounds, but I never really noticed it since it was pretty much an all-belly pregnancy. I’ve always been a bit self conscious about my body, but since losing all the baby weight and getting into shape, I’ve been more confident then ever. It wasn’t easy getting into shape, it was hard work and healthy eating, and I was just really starting to see the fruits of my labor (muscle definition).

One of the first things I thought when I found I was pregnant was “there goes all my hard work”. I quickly had to come to terms with the fact that I was going to gain weight and my abs were going to disappear, that I wasn’t always going to eat healthy, and I may not always crave ice chips or carrots. What helped me be okay with it all, was that fact that I am growing a human life! My body is going to need that little bit of extra fat and energy via food to be able to help grow and nourish my baby. And it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to to gain a ton of weight and give in to every unhealthy craving, but it means that you can’t be so hard on yourself when you do.

I still exercise 5-6 times a week, but I’m not doing it to gain muscles or lose weight, I’m doing it to stay in shape, be healthy, and hopefully have a better labor. Which is another thing, and that is that I got in shape for myself, but I also did it to be a good, healthy example for my son…plus I’ve got to be in shape to keep up with him! Haha!

All in all, do what’s best for your body and your baby (with your doctor’s permission of course). Don’t let the scale make you feel guilty for that late night snack, or those few days (or even weeks) you skipped the gym due to morning sickness or exhaustion. You know your limit.

P.s. If there is enough interest, I can do a post of some workouts to do during pregnancy, especially ones that help with labor.



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