Two Years of Oliver (A Birthday Update)

Oliver had his second birthday a week ago and I really wanted to share some things about Oliver as he’s grown and discovered new things. Oliver turned 2 on the 6th, and while he’s not old enough to request things for his birthday, he’s made it very clear what he likes and doesn’t like. We went all out for Olivers fiesta themed first birthday, but being pregnant this year, and also being more realistic, I wanted things to be a lot more low key.

Besides first birthdays and the big milestone birthdays, we have decided to keep things simple from now on. Kids don’t care about all those Pinterest-y decorations you slaved over for a month, or much else for that matter. All they care about is cake, balloons, and having fun. Oliver loves Mickey Mouse at the moment so I made a Mickey themed birthday cake, but besides that, there were a few decorations (mainly streamers and balloons), but we wanted the focus to be on fun and family. We also got Oliver only two gifts for his birthday, one: because he doesn’t need anything, and two: because he hardly plays with the toys he has. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t let other people get him gifts, we just gave practical suggestions or toys that we know he will absolutely love and play with every day (and help him learn). All in all, Oliver had a great birthday!

A few of Oliver’s favorite things right now include:

– Anything Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, or Scooby Doo! He talks about them all the time, and when he does get to watch tv, he always chooses between those three. Also, hearing him say “scooby doo” is THE cutest thing!

– Listening to the Coco or Moana Soundtrack: If you have seen either movie, you’d know that the songs are so catchy and cute so I’m not really complaining…yet. Haha!

– Cooking/Baking: Maybe it’s because I cook most meals and bake often, or maybe he just doesn’t like to be left out, but he always has to sit on the counter and “help” anytime I’m in the kitchen making something (even if I’m just reheating leftovers). I have to keep an eye on him though, because the moment I turn my back, his fingers go into the batter, cookie dough, or whatever I’m making. Oh, and he is obsessed with chocolate chips or “cheeps” as he calls them ,which will hopefully come in handy when it’s time to potty train.

– Talking…Non-Stop: I love that he knows so many words and is learning to put those words together, and also that he has a great memory… but he only stops talking when he’s eating and sleeping! It can be so cute, but its when he plugs his ears and says “mama” over and over again that I just want him to change it up. Haha!

– Daddy: Oliver has always been a daddy’s boy! I even wrote a blog post all about being the second favorite parent HERE. If Chase isn’t in bed n the morning when Oliver comes in, his morning starts off on the wrong foot. And of course, anything Chase does, Oliver has to do too. It is the cutest thing!

Okay so those are a few sweet memories of Oliver at two. Apparently the next two years can be tough, with tantrums, emotions and potty training, a struggle but he’s only two and three once, so I will still enjoy and cherish every year! If you have kids, what’s your favorite thing about two? OR what are you looking forward to if your kid isn’t two yet?


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