Toys & Minimalism

I never considered myself a minimalist until I read Emily Fillerup’s very well written blog posts about minimalism with kids. Maybe it stems from my huge dislike of clutter and useless things laying around, but Chase and I both decided that we’d rather have Oliver have a handful of toys that he plays with all the time, instead of a hundred different toys that he plays with for a minute or two then discards on the floor. When it comes to toys, we try to find good quality toys, usually from Melissa & Doug, that are good for cognitive development and Oliver will play with for hours. Having less toys, especially toys that entertain your kid instead of them learning to entertain themselves, broadens their imagination. When we first started minimizing the toys Oliver had access to on a daily basis, there was an almost immediate change in the way he played! He has two drawers of toys in our living room, and I’m pretty sure I could even get rid of more toys!

Minimalism with toys improves your kids ability to entertain themselves, use their imagination more, and develop problem solving skills. I like to think of it as minimalistic-montessorri style of playtime. I say all this not to make you feel like you need to go and donate all your kids toys, but instead to possibly cut back on the toys, and the type of toys they are playing with, whether they are helping your child grow or hindering. I want Oliver to make memories and enjoy playtime! There are also some things though that I don’t think you should minimize when it come to your kiddos, and the main one is books. In my opinion, your kid can never have too many books, but maybe that’s just the bookworm in me.¬†Another positive of toy minimalism, is the fact that it is SO much easier to clean up, and to have Oliver help clean up, because there isn’t an overwhelming amount of toys throughout the house.

Obviously no child is the same, and they are all different and unique in their own way, so what may work for Oliver may not work for yours. Oliver is generally an imaginative, playful kid so minimalism has worked great for him, but if you’re looking to do something similar, I encourage you to start small and work from there. Do what works best for you and your kid(s)! Chase and I (mainly me) are both natural minimalist, so it was an easy transition for us and I’m excited to see how I can apply it to other areas of our lives!

Below I have linked up some of the toys that we love for Oliver and that he loves!



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