Dear Baby Girl,

Dear Baby Girl,

Although you’ve been named, we all still prefer to call you baby. We hoped and prayed for a healthy baby, and so far you’ve been healthy and VERY wiggly! We loved you from the moment you existed, and although we were afraid to assume (an I didn’t want to get my hopes up), we all had a feeling you were a girl. 🙂

Your big brother loves to give you kisses, but thinks my belly button is the only spot you are. Haha! I’m so excited to start shopping for all your little clothes, but why does everything have to be pink and sparkly??

I can’t believe that I got to make a person with my person again, a person that I knew was the one from the beginning. Although we have yet to officially meet you, we love you so much and you’re going to be amazing!



P.s. Also, thank you for not giving me morning sickness! Haha!


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