The Not-So Glamorous Side of Pregnancy

I know I’ve shared a lot about all the wonders and joys of pregnancy, but I thought I’d be honest and share a side to pregnancy that some people might not share. Everyone knows that the first trimester can be quite brutal on a woman, but for me (and I’m sure some ladies may agree with me) there are rough parts to pregnancy no matter the trimester. I’m hoping that in sharing my struggles, I may help someone know that they aren’t alone in having the same feelings and emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant…most of the time. I was definitely caught up in the glamorous side of pregnancy the first time around, and was way too busy to think about anything else. This pregnancy, I have found myself more aware of my emotions and some not so great things that pregnancy brings up, such as body image. When I was pregnant with Oliver, I rarely worked out and I was huge, but I didn’t care until the last few weeks when my size just started getting bothersome. Haha! I didn’t realize until after I had Oliver how much weight I had actually gained, and it motivated me to work my butt off and lose the baby weight and get into pretty good shape. After Oliver, for the first time probably every, I loved my body and was so proud of how strong I was and how hard I had worked to get there. This pregnancy I have noticed every little change about my body, and while I’ve been working out 5-6 times a week since finding out I was pregnant, I definitely haven’t enjoyed my changing body as much as I did the first time around. While I am carrying smaller and very different this time around, I’ve found myself feeling very uncomfortable very easily. My going bump is something that I have had to try harder to appreciate, especially because I know that as long as baby girl is happy and healthy in my womb, so I should be as well. I struggle with my feelings when it comes to cravings, because on one hand I know this may be my last pregnancy and so I want to enjoy eating whatever I want for as long as possible, but on the other hand, I only want to gain the appropriate amount of weight. I’ve had to find a middle ground, where my motto is “everything in moderation”. Haha, so ice cream at night, just not the whole tub.

Another not-so glamorous side of pregnancy, is finding cute clothes that fit, while also on a budget. We have been on an especially tight budget because we want to save as much for baby as we can (and unfortunately a working car for Chase). We can’t all have that perfect Instagram life where we can afford whatever maternity clothes we want at whim. Something I have found to help our budget situation and my love for fashion is thrift and consignment shopping. Some tips for staying stylish on a budget is shop one size up, buy dresses or skirts that are form fitting but stretchy, and find longer shirts/sweaters, . It is almost inevitable that you will have to buy some maternity clothes and my advice is: buy the staples, and buy things that are versatile. Find a good pair or two of maternity jeans, and a few pieces you know you will wear a lot. In these pictures I’m wearing a Pinkblush Jean Overall Dress that can be worn during any season, and can be worn many different ways. The dress is also maternity, but can also be worn if not pregnant, and also accommodates breastfeeding. When I look at maternity clothes, I tend to mentally see if they check off those three things, especially if it can be worn when not pregnant, because then it is definitely worth the money. I have also found that Pinkblush is incredibly affordable when it comes to maternity clothes that are both stylish and versatile.

Another thing I’m going to touch on is people feeling your bump.  Like I said before, during my first pregnancy I was all ‘pregnancy starry-eyed’ and couldn’t care less if someone wanted to touch my bump. This pregnancy is a whole different story! I have not been overly emotional whatsoever, and probably less emotional than normal. I’ve made it 22 weeks and only cried one, while when I was pregnant with Oliver, I cried every day and sometimes several times a day (lol). Everyone prepares you, and themselves, for the moment when your hormones are out of whack and the slightest thing makes you cry, but no one prepares you for the opposite! I would definitely take being weepy over being easily annoyed and sometimes just plain unhappy. That being said, I don’t mind when close friends and family touch my belly, but when it comes to others, I’m tempted to get a shirt that says “if you didn’t put it there, don’t touch it!” Hahaha!

Some other random things that I don’t enjoy about pregnancy are the restless nights, the huge appetite but small stomach, and not being able to eat lunch meat! All I want in life is a large Italian Jimmy Johns sub, but that will have to wait till after baby comes. Their sub was the first thing I ate after having Oliver, because nine months of cheese sandwiches had gotten old and I had a dire need!

Obviously these are only a few not-so glamorous things about pregnancy, but for most women the good far outweighs the bad. I think it’s okay to say that I love pregnancy, just not every aspect about it. I also know that despite some of these feelings, I will miss being pregnant! I marvel at every aspect of pregnancy and the fact that I am growing nourishing a human life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m also very impatient to meet our baby girl and hold her, love her, watch Oliver be the sweetest big brother, and watch Chase be a dad to our little girl! Hopefully this can encourage you if you are having some of the same feelings to know that you are certainly not alone. But I also encourage you to enjoy this stage of life, something I have to often remind myself, because it only lasts 9ish months.


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