October Minimalist Challenge

A new month means new goals and a new perspective. Also, with a new baby on the way, Chase and I definitely have things we want to do before the due date is upon us, which is going to be here before we know it! About mid-September Chase told me had a challenge that he wanted us to do called the Minimalist Challenge, and being very minimalist minded lately, I was all for it!

Here’s what it is: Think of it as a junk/clutter detox. Whatever day of the month it is, you find something big, or a big project (like a cupboard or drawer), to declutter and you get rid of all unneeded things. For example, if it is October 16th, that is 16 things that you need to completely purge from your home. Be super strict and willing to let it go if it’s not something you absolutely need, and if by the end of it you have some pretty substantial stuff, donate it or have a yard sale! This is a great challenge if you are trying to be more of a minimalist or you simply have a lot of clutter.

This challenge has had me excited since Chase suggested it, and I have had to have great self-control to not declutter before the first of October! My nesting mode has been out of control lately and this is the perfect challenge for me, but also because I hate clutter. Let me know if you’re going to join in on the month-long challenge! I’d love to hear about your decluttering!



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