These Precious Moments

I have been so excited to do so many fun activities with Oliver this fall, especially passing on my love of pumpkins to him! He is at the perfect age where everything is an exciting adventure, and so picking out mini pumpkins proved to be pretty fun for him (and me)! I have been trying to special activities and outings with Oliver while I can (meaning while I still have the energy) and while he’s the only child. We have one of the best pumpkin patches and farm market just a few minutes from us, complete with petting zoo and hayride! Every since Chase and I started going to the pumpkin patch when we were dating, we’ve come back every year and have made it our little family tradition.

Oliver has been extremely cute lately…cuter than usual. While that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ‘Terrible Two’s’ days, it means that days like this are even more precious. He is so loving to his baby sister, giving her kisses all the time, and he rubs and kisses my back when it hurts. Also, when we picked out pumpkins, Oliver insisted that all the ‘baby punpkins’ were for his baby, or just anything small for that fact. I can’t wait to see how loving and caring he is to her! It makes me so excited and my heart happy!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!



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