The Things I Wish I Had With My First Baby

There are always things that you wish you had but only when it’s too late, and that’s exactly how felt about a few things when I had Oliver. I was a first time mom, I wasn’t sure what I would or wouldn’t need, plus I wasn’t apart of the mom community that I am now, so I didn’t have anyone to give me good recommendations or share from their experiences. While I’m certainly no expert nor a pro, I have done a lot of research and learned a lot since having Oliver, so I’ve put together a little list of the things that I wish I had the first time around.

SOLLY BABY WRAP. With Oliver, I had no idea that there was a difference in baby wraps/slings! I ended up putting a wrap on my registry that just wasn’t right. Sure, I used it all the time, but mainly because it was all I had. There were yards of extra, heavy fabric and it so complicated to put on every time I wanted to go grocery shopping or anything where I wanted to be hands-free. This time around, I chose the Solly Baby Wrap because while they are still a wrap, they are lightweight and don’t have any excess fabric except what is necessary as your baby grows. They also have a variety of cute colors and patterns that make it nice for everyday wear. **If you are looking for a baby sling instead, I highly recommend the Wildbird Slings! They sell out fast, so if you want one, don’t hesitate to buy!**

BACKPACK DIAPERBAG. I definitely wish I had a backpack diaper bag with Oliver, but now with another baby on the way, it is kind of a MUST! The backpacks have just as much room as a regular diaper bag, but you don’t have to worry about it swinging around and handling it. A backpack is completely hands free and makes it so you don’t have to keep switching shoulders when one gets tired, it distributed the weight evenly. Plus, I’m pretty sure Chase would much rather carry around a backpack than a obvious diaper bag.

BLOOMING BATH LOTUSI’m gonna be honest, we only used Oliver’s baby bath once, and it was the very first time we every bathed him. Every time, we either bathed him in the sink or showered with him, but having the bath lotus is great for bathing your baby in the sink! It adds some cushion and helps prop up the baby, making it more comfortable and easier to wash them.

LOTS OF SOCKS. These are one of those baby staples that you need, but don’t really think about at first, like gripe water and baby tylenol. I needed more socks than I thought I was, and thats an understatement! Your baby wears socks all the time, plus some tend to get eaten by the dryer or just up and disappear. Also, socks double as baby mittens, and work SO much better in my opinion and are also cheaper than buying actually baby mittens.

VELCRO SWADDLE BLANKETS. I had only one velcro swaddle blanket with Oliver and I used it every time be slept in his bassinet or crib. That one swaddle was put to good use, I just wish I had more because there were many blowouts in it with no backup ready and after awhile the velcro wasn’t as strong from so much use. Oliver was the Houdini of baby swaddles and the velcro ones were the only thing that kept him swaddled and secure. Sure, those organic cotton muslin swaddles with the cute patterns are cute, but we ended up using those more as extra warmth during the cold months.

I hope this proves helpful to some moms-to-be! Let me know in the comments below if there was anything you wish you had with your first baby! I would love to hear!!



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