Second Trimester Update

Well I had originally planned on writing this post at the start of the second trimester, but here we are, only a week away from the third trimester.

This pregnancy has been a weird mixture of going by so fast, but it’s also going by rather slow (if that makes sense)! Every day seems like it crawls by, but then I realize that I’ve only got 13 weeks left! The first trimester went by in slow motion, and that’s probably because I was exhausted and groggy most of the time…it was rough but in a different way than it was with Oliver. Thankfully once the second trimester hit, I instantly had more energy and felt so much better! It’s just so crazy how different every pregnancy is, and I don’t think the baby’s gender has anything to do with it (despite old-wives tales).

During the second trimester we got the surprised that we were expecting a GIRL!! I made sure they double checked, mainly because a friend of mine was falsely told she was having a girl, and also because I thought it was too good to be true. Definitely a girl. Haha! Before we knew the gender I had a long list on my phone of boy and girl names that I was constantly adding to, although the girl name list always had about 5 more names than the boy list. Chase and I thought that we were going to take forever, and disagree a lot about her name, eventually naming her after she was born. Surprisingly we settled on her name the day we found out we were having a girl, and officially finalized the name and both middle names a few weeks later. For some reason, this pregnancy I am much more protective about names and we have only told our immediate family her name, so sorry, but you’ll have to wait till she’s born for the big reveal.

I was feeling great up until about week 25 when I got hit hard with bad sciatica pain, which made the next two weeks painful until the chiropractic care took affect. Honestly, regular chiropractic care is something that is worth every penny, especially during pregnancy! During those two weeks by bump really popped out and I started getting more regular pregnancy aches and pains, and the dreaded pressure on my bladder! Due to my pain I wasn’t able to do much activity, including walking. Thankfully I am feeling so much better and am almost back to my regular activity level and trying to stay as healthy as possible, but carbs have been weakness so I am trying to maintain a good balance.

We’ve been collecting new things for the baby, and getting little girl things is SO much fun! As we enter the third trimester I have been focusing a lot on preparing for labor mentally and physically. This time around I have thought a lot, read a lot, and prayed a lot about labor, where as I was just winging it last time. I’m trying to keep some peace of mind, and trust that whatever happens, happens. I’m excited and yet unsure of what the next three months holds for our little family!


P.S. This dress is from PinkBlush and is so perfect for layering or wearing with over-the-knee boots! It’s so comfy and easy to dress up or keep casual, and the colors are perfect for fall! It is also great for my growing bump without being too tight or the opposite, swamping my frame. They have such cute sweaters and dresses for fall (both maternity & non-maternity) and I can’t wait to get my dress for my baby ‘sprinkle’ from them!!


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