Snow Daze

Happy Monday! Do you like the new photo editing style?! I hope you do. I am personally loving the moodiness and dark colors, perfect for Christmas and winter! The weather has been a little nuts and we got quite the snow pretty early this year and people don’t seem to know what to do. Is it fall still or are we just skipping to winter and Christmas?? Don’t get me wrong, fall is my favorite season, but now that the snow has knocked all the pretty leaves down, I’m ready to bundle up and enjoy the cold and the snow! We were lucky enough to capture these photos before most of the snow melted or turned to slush. I am all about this dress, unbuttoned to wear as a kimono/duster.

Kimonos are a favorite of mine at the moment, and looks great when paired with a tighter top to show off the bump. This pretty little kimono (or unbuttoned dress) was given to me by my sister, brought back from her recent travels to Thailand. So while it may be hard to find the exact one, I’ve linked up a few other gorgeous kimonos and dusters, some lightweight and some heavier for battling the cold. There are so many different ways to style a piece like this!


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