5 Things to Consider Before Getting Bangs

Bangs definitely seem to be a popular trend at the moment. Bangs can be fun and a great, easy way to change up your hairstyle without chopping all your hair or dyeing it. I really loved my bangs, BUT there are a few things I wish I had known before I took the plunge.

1.Is your lifestyle right for bangs? Bangs are high-maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle where you’re always on the go, or a mom with several little ones who take up a lot of your time, bangs may not be right for you. Committing to bangs is committing to spending extra time styling your bangs, and then theres also taking into account the weather and managing you bangs in wind and rain. Be honest with yourself and how much time you actually have. Otherwise, you’ll end up pinning them back or throwing on a headband over your bangs

2.Are you willing to commit? Do you want bangs or just the idea of bangs? I admit that I got bangs because I had seen them on several people and celebrities and loved them, but never thought about the commitment of having bangs. They say bangs are about a 5 month commitment; one or two months of loving them, then hating them, then 2+ months of growing them out. Bangs certainly aren’t something to get on a whim. If I had thought ahead of time of all the aspects of having bangs, I probably wouldn’t have gotten them.

3.Are you prepared to style them? Having bangs means styling your hair every day, so that means that you’ll at least need a hairdryer and a round brush. I also like to have dry shampoo for volume and texture and a small comb to keep in my purse for quick fixes on the go.

4.Will bangs actually look good on you? Like any fashion choice, you need to decide whether bangs are actually a good choice for you.  You need to take into account whether or not bangs work with your face shape, your hair texture, or your makeup style. Some people look great in bangs but for some, it may not be very flattering. Don’t get me wrong, if you really really want bangs, go for it! We all know that once we get an idea in our head, it’s hard to get it out.

5.Are you prepared for frequent salon visits? If you’re on a tight budget, monthly (or even more often) visits to the hair salon may not be very ‘budget-friendly’. Even though your hair may own grow a little bit each month, with bangs, a little length of hair can take your bangs from perfect to shaggy. Also, how you style and blow-dry your bangs may determine how often you need to get them trimmed. It’s not major, but it can be inconvenient and start getting pricey if you need continuous upkeep.

If you answers “yes” to all or at least three of these questions, then you’re probably ready for bangs. Overall, I loved my bangs, but I decided to grow them out because with a new baby joining us soon, styling my hair will be pretty low on my list of priorities.


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