5 Things I Am Excited to Try with the New Baby

Since having Oliver two years ago, there are so many new baby things to try out and things I never got to try with Oliver, and I’m not just talking about dresses and bows (lol).It has been so fun discovering new things to try with baby girl! I thought I’d share my findings with you and some of the things I’m excited use or have in the kids room.

1.Bibs BPA Free PacifiersThey are made in Denmark and come in such cute colors! The pacifiers are made of 100% natural rubber and came VERY highly recommended by so many moms I know.

2.Simple Onesies & Rompers- For Oliver, most of his clothes were gifted to us, which was such a blessing, but this time around, shopping for baby girl has been so fun! I am all about simple and understated baby clothes, and while it’s hard to steer clear of pink, I also loved finding some neutral or jewel toned clothes. Here are some of the companies I love for simple baby clothes: Kyte Baby, Plain Jane, Solly Baby, and Mebie Baby.

3.Solly Baby Wrap– I know that I mentioned before about the Solly Baby Wrap being on my baby #2 wishlist, and my mother-in-law was so sweet to get me one for my sprinkle! I can’t wait to use it and carry baby girl close!

4.Blooming Bath LotusOliver hated bath time when he was a baby unless we bathed him in the sink or showered with him, so when I discovered the Blooming Bath Lotus I was kicking myself for not finding it earlier. I was gifted one for my sprinkle and I am so excited to try it out with baby girl!

5.Burts Bees Organic Cotton Burp Cloths & Crib Sheets–  The material is so soft and I love how neutral they are! Oliver especially loves all the little bees on the sheets and burp cloths (because he’s obsessed with honey bees).

What are some things you are excited to try if you’re expecting, or if you have a little one, what are your favorites that other moms and I should know about?!



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