striped sweater (can’t find the link, but similar here) // jean skirt // cabby hat // over-the-knee boots // tights

I’m realizing that although autumn isn’t over, this may be one of my last autumnal looking blog posts. 🙁 It rained here for about 4 days straight, so most of the leaves fell off the trees, and its about 35 degrees today. Also, yay for Friday!! I survived Oliver teething while he was also sick! We are rewarding ourselves by visiting a puppy adoption event this weekend to treat ourselves to some puppy love (sadly we aren’t getting a puppy).

This super cute sweater is less that $20 and so soft and comfy! There is a little problem with this sweater, and it’s that it is a XL!!! It’s from Forever 21 and seriously, what is up with their sizing?! I’m usually a size small, but most of the tops at Forever 21 that were a small, I couldn’t even get over my head or past my chest… Moral of the story: try before you buy from Forever 21, and size up! I feel so retro with this sweater (in a good way). I had a lot of people tell me it looked like I walked out of the 60’s, which is a compliment for me as I love that era of fashion! What would make this outfit complete, would be some flared jeans! Have a great weekend!!



Teething is in full swing in our house! Oliver had his two bottom teeth, but just last week he cut two molars and now his top teeth are coming in. Needless to say, there is a lot of snot and drool everywhere. Haha! Having Oliver wear a bib has been so convenient as of late! It’s nice to not have to change his shirt several times a day from all the drool and snot (gross, I know). If any of you moms of little ones have any teething advice, I will gladly take it!

These bibs are Indi by Kishu Baby, and they are natural and organic. They are so incredibly soft and made with 100% cotton muslin, which is perfect for Oliver’s skin, because he tends to be sensitive to certain rough materials. I also love that the snaps on the back are not made of metal, do to a metal sensitivity that runs in my family. Did I mention that they are super absorbent? That means that this bib isn’t going to look constantly dirty and drooled on. All around its a great pick, plus this bib came in a pack of three for only $35, and for organic cotton muslin, that’s a great price! They have some really cute patterned bandana bibs, pom-pom bandana bibs for girls, and even gift sets. These gift sets would make a great gift for a momma-to-be for Christmas or even as a baby shower gift!

P.s. Yes, I did indeed have to bribe my teething child with pretzels in order to get these tear-free pictures. Haha!



I am usually very particular when it comes to the clothes I buy, but recently I have been much more picky when it comes to my closet. I have way too many clothes in my closet, and usually I feel like I have nothing to wear, which is completely a first-world problem.  One way I minimize the content of my closet, is by turning all my hangers backwards at the beginning of each new season, and at the end of that season, whatever hangers are still turned backwards, I donate or sell those pieces. Recently, I have taken another step towards minimalist get my wardrobe. Now that I understand what colors and styles look good on me, I make a need/want list on my phone, that way I know what I’m looking for when I’m shopping and I’m not just shopping for random things. I’ve also said it before in my Shopping on a Budget post that I do not buy something unless I absolutely love in and know for certain that I will wear it a lot.

This sweater was an H&M find, and I have to embarrassingly admit that I wore it three days in a row. It’s just so comfy and cute! Also, this hat is just feeding my hat obsession. I’ve been searching for a burgundy paperboy hat since the beginning of September. I usually don’t every find anything worth buying in Forever 21. I find that their clothes are sized completely wrong, and most things are low quality. I love this hat and the quality! After shopping at Forever 21 recently, I have come to the conclusions, that if you have the time, you can find some good, quality pieces, just size up and don’t buy something just because of the low price! Thanks for reading my somewhat random, all over the place post. Haha I’m typing this at 6 am, because Oliver didn’t get the whole concept of Daylight Savings Time…



I can’t believe its November 1st already!! October was here and gone in a flash, and now I have to start Christmas preparations. The cold weather is starting to set in, and we even turned on out heat today. There’s only a few more times I can wear this dress before I have to hide it underneath a big winter coat. I have been loving wrapped dresses, so while this isn’t actually a wrap dress, it has the flattering illusion of being one. This dress is from PinkBlush and the rust color is gorgeous among the changing leaves, and florals aren’t just for spring and summer. I know it seems like I wear a lot of dresses, but I promise I wear more jeans (or sweatpants) than dresses. I just love feeling girly and getting dressed up sometimes!

Also, I haven’t shared 10 things in a while, so here’s a new list:

  1. Chase and I are watching Stranger Things, and we are probably the slowest people to ever watch it! We started it a few weeks ago and we aren’t even on Episode 4 of season 1!!
  2. Christmas is next month, but I can’t wait for Oliver to open up his presents!! It’s the first time he’ll actually understand and enjoy Christmas.
  3. Chase was so disappointed that I hadn’t put together a Halloween costume for him, so Now I’m planning our costumes for next year already. Haha! I just thought he would think it stupid, plus he didn’t let me know until two days before that he wanted to dress up. :p
  4. Lately I have been trying to be more organized and keeping the house cleaner. Chase and I have been taking about 30 minutes after Oliver goes to bed to tidy up the house. I always start the day better when the house isn’t a disaster, especially the kitchen!
  5. My 21st birthday was this past weekend, and instead of hitting up bars and doing the classic shots/getting drunk, I wanted to go to vineyards and have some wine tasting. Much more fun and such beautiful backdrops!
  6. If we ever win the lottery, Chase wants to buy me a minivan as a joke, because I hate them more than any other vehicle! Haha!
  7. I could never be a vegan. #1- because I love meat too much, & #2- I am allergic to most of a vegans diet…
  8. Oliver is in need of more socks for winter, but his feet are literally huge, and they don’t make the socks with the grips in his size.
  9. Oliver is a mischievous little monkey! He’s into everything, and I mean everything! Just yesterday he opened up the dryer and emptied all the lint onto the floor. He also climbed up onto the dining room table last week, simply because he wanted one of the little pumpkins I had there. Life is never dull with him.
  10. We are currently doing Dave Ramsey’s plan for our finances, and I enjoy grocery shopping and sticking to the budget! It’s like a game, finding the best and cheapest prices. Haha, I’m so weird.


 Oliver drinks a lot of water! His favorite thing to do is sit down with my large cup of water and sip on it till it’s gone. While it’s so great that he loves water so much, I don’t really enjoy that backwash. Haha! You may think that choosing a sippy cup for your child is as easy as going to the store and getting the ones with cute patterns, but it’s actually quite difficult. Finding a bottle that doesn’t have all those nasty plastic chemicals and is also cute can be quite the feat. Twistshake has incredible products for babies and toddlers. They are about as baby/kid friendly as you can possibly get, as they only use raw materials of the highest quality that meet all of the safety regulations.

Bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and tableware, Twistshake has it all. The cup that Oliver has is larger than most. It holds 12 oz., and what’s great about the sippy cups, is they have a piece in them that makes it ideal for infused water. Oliver immediately loved this cup, and now I don’t have to worry about drinking his backwash (nasty!). Haha!! Make sure to check out Twistshake. And even if you don’t have a baby or a toddler, they have hot/cold bottles for all ages!


** This post is in collaboration with Twistshake. All opinions are truthful and my own 🙂